Dr. Peat's Progest E Oil Complex, 34 ml (2023)

If the weather is hot where you live, there is no need to worry about Progest E being affected by the heat during the shipping process. Progest E is very stable. Upon receipt, though it is not required, it is recommended to refrigerate the Progest E for the very best storage conditions, which will preserve its shelf life of 2 years. It is important to store Progest Eout of direct light, which prevents product degradation.

Our Progest E Oil is kept refrigerated at all times. We purchase a new batch from the manufacturer every 2 weeks, so you are always assured the freshest Progest E Oil possible.

Dr. Peat's Progest E Replenishing Oil Complex (natural progesterone oil) from Kenogen is natural bioidentical progesterone derived from wild yam preserved in vitamin E oil. Progest Econtinues to be our number #1 best seller.

The natural progesterone in Dr. Peat’s Progest-E Complex is USP.

Some people experience the taste of this product to be a little bitter, or strange tasting. This is natural. This product is preserved with natural vitamin E.

Dr. Peat's Progest-E Complex supports the following:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Menstrual pain and PMS symptoms
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Toxic effects of estrogen

Key Benefits:

  • Supports full spectrum issues related to estrogen imbalance

Additional Information:

  • In this 10% solution of Progest-E Complex, one small drop contains about 3.5 milligrams of progesterone
  • The size of the drops will vary depending on several factors for example, the amount of pressure applied squeezing the bottle, and the temperature of the solution.
  • Our standard reference “small drop” is a 30-40 mg drop. There are approximately 970 drops of that size in a 34 ml bottle, each containing 3.5 mgs of progesterone.
  • A 60 mg drop contains 6 mg and is probably a more common minimum amount to use. An unpopped kernel of popcorn looks the same size as a 60 mg drop of Progest-E and can be used as a reference for people who don’t have a scale for weighing small drops. There are approximately 560 drops weighing 60 mg in each 34 ml bottle.
  • We keep our inventory refrigerated at all times. And it is replenished every few weeks, so we have only the freshest Progest-E in stock at all times!
  • Instructions for Use
  • See all products sold by Long Natural Health specifically geared toward .

Dispensing and Storage Tips:

Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures and natural light is known to reduce the shelf life of natural vitamin E. To get the greatest benefit from the natural vitamin E in Progest-E, keep the product refrigerated, or in a cool dark place.

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Natural vitamin E is more viscous when cold. To facilitate dispensing drops when you are down towards the end of the bottle, use the following procedure:With the cap on, put your bottle of Progest-E upside down in a a juice glass in the fridge. Remove the glass containing the bottle of Progest-E from the fridge approximately 20-30 minutes before use. This allows the solution to get to room temperature and makes dispensing drops easier.Storing the bottle upside down also ensures that the solution is always in the dropper tip ready for use. Note: Do not store upside down when the bottle is full because the liquid will dispense too quickly. Store right side up until it becomes difficult to squeeze out liquid from the bottle.

Is Progest-E micronized?

The particle size definitely makes a difference—the smaller the better! Tests have shown micronized progesterone to have significantly higher absorption than standard milled progesterone. In the US the standard milled has an average particle size of approximately 45 microns, micronized progesterone is less than 15 microns. However, for progesterone containing products, it isthe formula and itsinherent stability(or lack of it) which will determine the benefits available to users of the product. Due to its unique formulation, Progest-E has a functional progesterone particle size over a thousand times smaller than micronized progesterone, in a biologically pure and highly stable formula.

What about the Soy in Progest E?

The vitamin E in the Progest-E Complex is derived from NON-GMO soy. There are several compounds found in soybeans which are identified as plant estrogens—the isoflavones. The isoflavones are attached to the proteins in the plant and are found in foods which use the whole soybean such as tofu, and soybean meal. These directly estrogenic compounds do not occur in the oily fractions of the plant, for example in the soybean oil and vitamin E. Nonetheless, we believe that soybean oil should not be in the diet and is indirectly estrogenic because of the high PUFA content. Low grades of vitamin E (even vitamin Es often used to make dietary supplements) contain varying amounts of soybean oil as a diluent. In contrast, the vitamin E used in Progest-E is of the highest quality and purification level and it does not contain soybean oil. People with soy allergies should have no problem with this product.

The vitamin E in the Progest-E Complex is derived from soy, yet many people with soy allergies have no problem with Progest-E because often an allergic reaction is a response to soy proteins.

There are no proteins in the oily fractions of the plant (such as vitamin E), which is a highly purified distillate. If you have a soy allergy, it is best to first test on a small area of the skin (ex: ankle).

Source of Vitamin E in Progest E:

The process of extracting vitamin E from soybeans is designed so that the vitamin E will not be oxidized or degraded during manufacturing, and this is verified by analysis at the end of each extraction.

There are a few other plants being used to make “vitamin E” products, but the products being produced from those sources are low grade varieties of vitamin E with various contaminants including a high PUFA content. They also carry a greater risk of pesticide contamination.

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There are several undesirable substances found in whole soybeans, but they are all eliminated during the extraction of vitamin E. This cannot be said of the other plant-sourced vitamin Es on the market, and therefore we believe the soy-derived vitamin E remains the best and healthiest plant-sourced vitamin E on the market today.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this or any product. Keep out of the reach of children.

Additional Reading:

Progesterone by Dr. Raymond Peat

Questions on Progesterone and Estrogen

Dr. Peat's Progest E Complex contains the following:

  • Supplement Facts:Serving Size: 3 small drops, containing 3.5 progesterone in each drop, approximately 970 drops per bottle
  • Natural d-alpha tocopherol &/or mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) 4-22 mg per drop; 12-66 mg per serving
  • Natural progesterone derived from wild yam 3 mg per drop; 9 mg per serving
  • Other Ingredients:Vegetable triglycerides (plant-based, sourced from either olive or coconut)

The progesterone in Dr. Peat`s Progest-E Complex is USP.

Additional Information: Normally, the body produces 10 to 20 milligrams of progesterone per day on its own. Though many factors can cause low levels. A quantity of 3 or 4 drops usually brings the blood levels up to the normal range, but this dose can be repeated several times during the day if needed. For general purposes, it is effective to take progesterone dissolved in vitamin E orally into the mouth, or by rubbing it into the gums. The Progest E Oil can be applied directly to the skin, for skin issues or beauty, and can be helpful for areas affected by sun, and conditions such as physical pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis, bursitis, varicose veins, etc. It can also be used for vaginal dryness. To speed up assimilation and to make application easier when applied externally, add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil to the area then rub Progest-E Oil Complex into and around the affected area.

It is best to keep this product refrigerated to keep fresh. Though, it is perfectly fine to have it outside at room temperature for hours or can be stored up to a year if kept in the dark between 60 - 65 degrees Just keep away from extreme heat, sunshine, or direct light.

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Recommended Use:

How to use Dr. Peat's Progest-E Complex

  • 5
    Very pleased

    Posted by William Sanders on Jul 21st 2022

    I came across this product after reading research from Dr. Peat on progesterone and pregnenolone. It has helped calm numerous nerves, restore balance in day to day tasks and has even assisted with energy and digestion

  • 5
    Good product

    Posted by ElleB on Jul 7th 2022

    I have required oral progesterone to help balance my estrogen hormone pellett implant. Progest-E is the best progesterone supplement. I have used oral tablets, capsules, and topical compounded progesterone cream. I have unpleasant side effects of mood and energy with the other forms. No problems at all with Progest-E. Thank you for a great product!

  • 5
    Excellent Product ,helps with hormone balance. Helps with sleep, have used this product for many years.

    Posted by Margaret on May 1st 2022

    Grat Product

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  • 5
    Dr. Peat's kenogen, progest E oil

    Posted by Shaunie on Mar 31st 2022

    This is a life saver!!!
    So easy to use!!

  • 5
    Easy to use, great absorbability

    Posted by Traci Reiser on Jan 5th 2022

    Great product

  • 5

    Posted by Sherri on Dec 31st 2021

    I was shocked at how fast this works. It’s almost instantaneously. A hot flash life saver! I had my sister try it and she was amazed also. Incredible product.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Diane on Nov 24th 2021

    I always order this Progesterone oil from long natural health.

  • 5
    A great supporter of this product

    Posted by Betty Heckert on Nov 9th 2021

    Great Product - been using it for years - Youth Serum for Sure

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  • 5
    Very Helpful Oil

    Posted by Jacqueline on Nov 3rd 2021

    This progesterone oil has been a life saver in our household! My youngest daughter has severe menstrual cramps to the point of vomiting and not being able to hold any medication down, and shaking. It’s a step away from her body going into shock because of the pain. Since we started with the oil, the severe pain has subsided although she still takes pain medication because she still has cramps, just not as severe. The dosage is taken at night bc it affects her mood if taken during the day. She starts 10 days before her period is due and puts a drop on a spoon to make sure she gets the same amount each night. It’s hard to tell the dose when putting it directly on the tongue because you can’t really see it and the drops all differ depending on how hard you squeeze the bottle, so she uses a spoon and then licks it off the spoon. At this point she takes one drop per night, but we may increase the dosage this month to see if it helps even more. But at least we have something now that prevents her from missing out on school and activities each month.

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